Saturday, February 25, 2012

What are some common problems for a 96 Cadillac sts?

I'm in the process of buying a 96 Cadillac sts with 78000 miles, and I know very little about cars. The seller is asking $3000 for it, and he says it is in excellent condition. What are some things I should look for? Is this a good buy? How expensive are Cadillac repairs?What are some common problems for a 96 Cadillac sts?parts are pricey. repairs are pricey. fuel efficiency is middle of the pack. Watch out for fuel pump and fuel flow issues. Before you buy it, drive it. Watch for engine loss of power when turning hard right and hard left.What are some common problems for a 96 Cadillac sts?Theyre good cars and not too expensive to repair. If you buy it just make sure you NEVER overheat it. If it starts running hot pull over and get a tow. Cadillac engines have very little tolerance for overheating.What are some common problems for a 96 Cadillac sts?Some what decent cars. They do not tolerate overheating. Will pull the heads off the block. A costly repair to install inserts in the block. Most of the normal issues are:::

coolant pumps

crossover gaskets

front motor mounts

a/c lines leaking from broken motor mounts allowing engine to pivot more

Some sort of Suspension issue either a strut code or rear level ride compressor exhaust valve bad(Replace level ride compressor asy)

They are more but mostly minor

Prior to buying, take it to a independant of your choice preferably a Caddy dealership %26amp; have them inspect it. Then make your decision.

Don't be like this lady here %26amp; bought a used car that she thought was a great deal %26amp; come to find out it was a piece of crap that will cost her about $6,000 to get it road worthy.

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