Saturday, March 10, 2012

How much would the Cadillac 16 retail for?

I know it's just a concept car. Considering its technical specifications, what price would you earmark? This could, if allowed, be America's answer to the german Maybachs and the Rolls Royce that seem to have a good future in Asia.

1000 HorsePower

2.2 Tonnes

18 feet long

V 16, but only uses as many cylinders as needed and can cruise on four cylinders.How much would the Cadillac 16 retail for?Well, if it were to be produced, I am sure that it would be well into the half-million dollar range; even if production costs aren't high (they would be though) -look at the Bugatti Veyron which even at about 1.6 million doesn't net VW a profit.How much would the Cadillac 16 retail for?Dear The Rest,

I have your post. I apologize, I do not have pricing information on the concept vehicle that you are referencing. If I do obtain the information that you are seeking, I would be happy to provide you with it.

Thank you,

Michelle P., GM Customer Service

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